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PVC Blister Tray

This array of PVC Blister Trays is perfect for air and moisture proof packing of slice cakes, biscuits, cream rolls etc. Accessible in different shapes and sizes, these packaging materials are of recyclable quality. Transparent look of such PVC Blister Trays allows one to observe their inside content without unpacking. Light in weight, these materials are disposable and recyclable as well. Standard of these trays has been verified on the basis of their thickness, diameter, storage capacity, sealing performance, weight, design precision, possible toxic content etc. These cost effective packaging solutions are nice in appearance. Customers can access these trays easily from us.

PVC Blister Packs For Slice Cake

PVC blister packs for slice cake is used for retaining the freshness, nutrition, and taste of dry cakes and to keep them away from foul smell.  It finds its wide application in bakeries and the confectionery industry. This blister pack is manufactured using high-quality PVC material and advanced technology by our experts as per the set industry standards. In addition, we offer this PVC blister packs for slice cakes in different sizes as per the requirements of clients.

This assortment is ideal for airtight packaging of dry slice cakes in flavors, like chocolate, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, lemon, banana, and carrot. It is available in a rectangular shape and is recyclable. Due to the transparent top sealed cover, the cake can be viewed without unpacking.  Customers can share the size in which they need these blister packs and our company can supply the desired perfectly finished and durable trays.

Benefits of packing slice cakes in PVC blister trays?

  • It makes the dry cakes visually appealing; consumers can view the dry cake without touching it
  • The cakes remain fresh for a long time
  • The cakes do not move in the sealed trays 

PVC Blister Packs For Large Slice Cake

PVC blister packs for large slice cakeare extensively used for packaging dry slice cakes in an efficient manner. Made by using a strong plastic material, these trays are safe for packaging bakery items. The PVC material is sourced from dependable and guaranteed suppliers of the business. The blister packs are widely demanded in the current market due to their performance and durability. Furthermore, these poly vinyl chloride blister packs for large slice cake are easily procurable at market minimal selling price ranges.

The packs are lightweight, disposable, and recyclable. The thickness, storage capacity, diameter, weight, sealing performance, possible harmful content, and design precision have all been validated as standard.

Benefits of PVC Blister Packs For Large Slice Cake:

  • The blisterpack creates barrier protection to improve the shelf life
  •  It protects the product from moisture, light and temperature
  • Consumers can easily open the sealed packs
  • The cake can be easily viewed through the transparent cover
Why We Use PVC Over Other Polymers?

Our company has chosen PVC over other rugged polymers for manufacturing blister trays. The reason behind this decision is that PVC is economical and protect baked goods from environmental factors.


PVC Blister Pack For Top Biscuits

PVC blister pack for top biscuits is specially designed for keeping biscuits fresh for a longer period of time. It is highly admired for the features, such as oxygen resistance, moisture proof, leak proof, pollution proof, light proof, light weight, high tension strength and low shrink, and a degree of tamper resistance. The compartmentalized pack is manufactured using supreme grade quality plasticsheets in right thickness, that are sourced from reliable vendors of the market keeping in mind set industry norms. It is produced in bulk at high speed. One can avail this PVC blister pack for top biscuits from us at nominal rates. This assortment is environmentally friendly and has a great air resistance capacity.

Features& Benefits of PVC Blister Pack For Top Biscuits:

  • The pack is produced based on the product
  • The transparent blister pack is created by thermoforming process
  • It has structural rigidity and high impact resistance
  • It keeps the biscuits fresh for longer by creating a barrier between biscuits and environmental factors
  • There is no risk of contamination as the pack is sealed 

PVC Blister Pack For Cream Roll

A cream roll is a puff pastry roll filled with vanilla cream. It tastes so good that people love to indulge in this creamy dessert time and again. The cylindrical-shaped roll is often packaged and sealed in a blister pack.We offer premium quality range of PVC blister pack for cream roll to our clients that provide protection against tampering of the product. It is appropriate for packing cream roll and is available in different sizes as per the market demand. Our customers can avail this poly vinyl chloride blister tray for cream roll from us at reasonable rates. It is used to package confectionery products airtight. This blister pack is constructed entirely of food-grade materials. It is ideal for packaging confectionery goods without harming their flavor or nutrition.

  • The PVC film/sheet is the key material used for making this pack and our company source it in different thicknesses
  •  The long blister pack made from PVC film/sheet contain the cream roll snugly
  • The pack prevents the roll from moisture and other environmental factors
  • The cream rolls can be manually loaded into the blister packs or with the help of a feeding mechanism
  • Heat and pressure are applied to seal the lid with the tray

Blister Tray For Small Slice Cake

We have gained expertise in providing our customers quality approved blister tray for small slice cake. We design all our packing materials by using excellent and quality tested materials like plastic films and sheets sourced from trusted vendors of the market. Our pre-formed, rigid packaging is used to pack cake so that they can be prevented from damage. Its cavity is thermoformed to hold the cake inside.Our tray features an elevated edge design and it is available in both standard and customized specifications. This blister tray safely stores sliced cake and improve its visual appeal. Our customers can avail this blister tray for small slice cake from us at best industrial price.

It is notable for following features of Blister Tray For Small Slice Cake:

  • Anti-fog characteristics
  • Free from toxic content
  • Temper-proof
  • Moisture and water protected
  • Disposable quality
  • Environmentally friendliness
  • Recyclable nature 

Blister Tray Pack For Cream Roll

Blister tray pack for cream roll is useful for protecting roll against external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time.  Well-known for perfect finish, high strength, sturdiness, light weight and dimensional accuracy, this tray is extensively demanded in food and packaging industries. Available in different finishesand sizes, we can also customize this tray as per the specifications provided by the clients. We offer this durable blister tray pack for cream roll at most economical prices to the clients. In addition, this tray is frequently used as a food grade packaging material that is environmentally acceptable.
  • Our company supplies thermoformed blister trays that offer barrier for moisture and oxygen
  • The package is transparent and it costs less
  • The cavity or pocket is created in the same size as of roll
  • This is a one-time use tray that can be recycled as it is made from top-grade polymer
  • The trays are produced in same size and these can be stacked for efficient storage and transportation
  • The tray can be filled with cream roll and sealed with a lid
  •  A sticker with lot number and expiration date information can be placed on the lid

PVC Blister Packs For Small Slice Cake

PVC blister packs for small slice cake are widely used for safe packaging of dry cakes. Such packs are made of best quality plastic procured from reputed vendors of market. Each tray is designed in a wide range of sizes and shapes for meeting the exact needs of our customers. High in demand in various industries, the PVC blister packs for small slice cake are offered to clients at reasonable prices. It is available in a variety of storage capacities, making it ideal for packing slice cakes in a lot of flavours, like cinnamon, vanilla, coffee and more.

This blister pack range is generally supplied to following areas:

  • Confectionary stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Food processing industries
  • The blister pack has great aesthetics
  •  It is simple in design and creates barrier to protect the cake
  • Also called sight pack or retail pack, it makes the baked goods stand out n shelves
  •  The buyers can easily see the cake through its packaging
  • The buyers can view the cake but cannot touch or feel it
  • It is a tamper evident packaging

PVC Tray For Small Slice Cake

PVC tray for small slice cake is ideal to use for packing cake in hygiene and safe manner. It is acknowledged for its long-lasting finish and durability standards. This tray is manufactured using quality tested plastic film/sheet provided in varied sizes and thicknesses. Apart from this, polyvinyl chloride tray for a small slice of cake can be availed from us at an affordable price. This tray is lightweight and ideal for preserving the natural flavor of packaged items. It is cost-effective and can be available at a low price. Besides, this tray is also suitable for storing and displaying dry, sliced cakes.

  • A durable PVC made tray is eco-friendly and hygienic
  • The transparent tray enables consumers to get an up-close view of packaged cake
  • This tray maximizes the visibility of the product while protecting it
  • This tray has a high strength-to-weight ratio 

Blister Tray For Small Cream Cake

Our modernized infrastructure and diligent employees help us to offer blister tray for small cream cake. It is a square-shaped, impermeable tray that is immune to moisture, water and various detrimental conditions. It is made using optimum-quality PVC sheets/films, which are sourced by a team of procuring agents from leading vendors. We offer this blister tray for small cream cake to our clients in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of patrons. The standardization is determined by its diameter, sealing performance, storage space, design, and raw material selection. In addition, this blister tray can be purchased in bulk at discounted prices to cater to the customer needs.

Major Application:

It is majorly used to pack small cream cakes made in different flavours, from coffee, peanut butter, strawberry to chocolate and vanilla.

Application Areas:

  • Small to large bakeries
  • Food processing industries
  • Cafes
  • Coffee shops

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